Cisco UBR-RFSW-3X10

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UBR-RFSW-3X10 RF Switch w10xUP, 3xDown Cards

The Cisco uBR 3x10 RF Switch supports three downstream switch modules and 10 upstream modules. The product provides an Ethernet controller module, an AC or DC power supply, and optional color-coded cabling that is terminated in advance. With connections to the Cisco uBR10012 and the hybrid fiber-coax (HFC) cable plant, the compact three-rack-unit (3-RU) Cisco uBR 3x10 RF Switch supports more than 250 connections and offers a new level of network redundancy suited for high-performance, high-density applications. The product works with Cisco communications-grade CMTSs to create a fully redundant system that enables cable operators to achieve PacketCable system availability, minimize service disruptions, and simplify operations. Each Cisco RF Switch is a multiplexing system that can reroute any of the RF cables connected to active Cisco RF line cards to a spare or backup set of RF line cards.